April 2017

Release date 31.03.2017

Documentation/Help system

We have released our new user documentation and help site. You find it in the portal by clicking the Help button.

You also find it by visiting https://help.onestopreporting.com


Changes in Visma.Net integration

  • Error in dimension Inventory CrossReferences is now fixed.
  • Error in dimension Sales Orders is now fixed.
  • Error in dimension Supplier Invoice Lines is now fixed.
  • Error in dimension Supplier Invoice Line is now fixed.

Changes in Tripletex integration

  • Error in voucher adapter is now fixed.


Get Data

Delete a job

You delete a job you have created by clicking the Delete button.

As a user, you can only delete your own jobs. As an administrator, you can delete every job in the tenant.



New permissions added: Drill down in a report and open a voucher

Drill down in reports and open vouchers is now a separate permission that can be assigned per user. The default setting is “not allowed”. To change the setting, go to the Permission tab under Data Access in Administration.


Live Reporting

The buttons Edit/New/Duplicate in Live Reporting is no longer visible if the user doesn’t have license for Report Designer.

New selection feature

The report card is split in two where the upper half (colored area) is a selection area marking the report (instead of the old checkbox). While clicking on the lower half opens the report.

Clone is now duplicate

The button Clone is now renamed to Duplicate. The functionality is identical.

Show columns in reports

The default setting for column header is now “visible”. It is still possible to toggle the setting by clicking the Settings button in the toolbar. The setting affects every report in Live Reporting, and is remembered until you change it.