April 2018

User settings implemented under Settings

The User settings can now also be accessed from  Settings > User settings. Previously users could only access from their user profile.


In the  User settings, users can change their OneStop Reporting password and manage their notifications.


For more information on the user settings, see the updated Help section on User settings.


Workflow: Removed “Select companies” button when only one company exists

If users only have access to one company, they will no longer see the Select companies button and will only have one tab for their company when they set up a workflow.


Get Data: Error message when data import job fails

In Get Data, when a data import job fails, the owner of the job will now receive a notification. The notification e-mail will include a link to the specific error message with details.

Users also have the possibility to send request to OneStop Reporting Support with information from the dialog on the View Log page. To do so;

  1. Click Get Data.
  2. Click Data import job.
  3. Click the data job that failed (x) and click  View log.
  4. Click Show details.
  5. Click Report all errors to support.

NOTE: You can click the right arrow ( )to see hints on how to fix the issue that caused the error.

  1. In the Contact support dialog box, click Send. This will send a detailed report of the error report directly to our support team.




  • Fixes in Assignments module:
    • Improved layout when maximizing screen: In the past, the parameters selection fields, as well as the Run and Sava data buttons were visible when users entered  Full screen mode in the report view. This has now been removed for better overview of the report in this view mode.
    • Improved sorting for assignments: We have implemented alphabetical sorting of assignments in the Assignments module.


  • Fixed performance issues when storing budgets. Some customers have experienced slow performance when writing back large numbers of budget forms to the system. This has now been resolved.


Integration specific improvements


New integration: UniEconomy

UniEconomy users can now use the OneStop Reporting Portal. For more information on how to set up a connection, see Create connection to UniEconomy.



We have fixed an error that caused users to get a “No attachment” message when trying to access voucher view for customer invoices and transaction journals.



We have added new period functionality that makes it possible to handle deviant fiscal periods.

To set deviating periods, users must do the following:

  • The first time they open the Get Data module, there will be a wizard. In the wizard they will get an option to set the month for the first month of the accounting period, one for each company in the list.
    NOTE: In the next upgrade there will be an option to set this manually from the Administration module.

We have also added more period attributes so Report Designer users can group period information based on more attributes, such as quarterly and bimonthly.