April 2020

What’s new

  • Single sign-on for Visma users
  • OneStop Reporting available from Visma Home
  • Visma Business: New open entries report templates
  • New e-learning course: Administration – Change ownership of content
  • Fixes: Get Data – Changed texts for Data Import Job options
  • Integration-specific fixes

Single sign-on for Visma customers

Visma users can now sign in to OneStop Reporting using their Visma account. On the sign-in screen, there is now a Sign in with Visma option.


OneStop Reporting on Visma Home page

After users have used the Sign in with Visma option, OneStop Reporting will appear on their Visma Home screen. The link will take users directly to the portal without having to sign in.



OneStop Reporting is now also available from Visma Integrations.


Visma Business: New open entries report templates

For our Norwegian customers, open entries report templates for Accounts Receivables and Payables, for customers and suppliers, are now available in the Marketplace ( Get templates). These reports are built on the new Visma Reporting History Customer and Supplier (‘historiske åpne poster’) logic we implemented last month. Please refer to Release Notes for April 2020.

  1. In Live reporting, click Get templates.
  2. Under Category, filter on Open entries (Åpne poster).
  3. Select report templates.
  4. Click Install.
  5. Click Close.


New e-learning course: Administration – Change ownership of content

We have created a new course in OneStop Reporting e-Learning. In this course, users learn how they can transfer content from one user to another.




Get Data: Changed texts for Data Import Job options

Some of our customers have reported that they found the texts for the import options a bit unclear, such as understanding that when using the option Last month, this would import data for the past month until today. We have therefore changed some of the texts in the Select Data dialog box, accessed either from the Data Import wizard or from Get Data > Data Import Jobs > New/Edit. We have changed the text to read “Import data from” and added “and onwards”. In addition, we have changed some of the date option texts for added clarity.


Integration-specific fixes



  • We have added Total Amount and Total Cost to Inventory Transactions.
  • We have fixed an issue when users entered date intervals for Sales Orders. The issue was caused by a wrong datatype for Sales Order Lines (Request On and Requested On).


Visma Business

  • Voucher viewer – Xml-files ignored: Some customers have experienced getting several xml-files when they drill-down in reports and click to view vouchers. The xml-files are now ignored and only the picture file is visible.
  • Added WebPg to Multi-Company Loading



  • We have added Keys to Account CurrencyCode.


PowerOffice GO

We have added the Order endpoint to data import jobs again. To avoid too much traffic on the PowerOffice GO API, customers are strongly advised to only set up nightly import jobs that retrieves data for the past month.