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  • Xero: Currency management in OneStop Reporting

    Explanation of Xero and OneStop Reporting’s currency management

    OneStop Reporting is a transaction-driven reporting tool. That means, we extract physical transactions at a given time from a database. Data coming to the ERP system after data transfer to OneStop Reporting can, thus, create a discrepancy between the ERP system and OneStop Reporting.

    OneStop Reporting extracts the exchange rates from two accounts in the Xero database: Unrealized Currency Gains (498) and Bank Revaluations (497).

    Please note that it is possible to change both the numbers and names of the accounts in Xero. If you are not sure which accounts handle currency exposure, you can find these accounts by opening Report Designer and dragging the SystemAccount field into the sheet.

    Xero retrieves live exchange rates from, and thus, calculates continuous unrealized currency differences in its reports. These unrealized currency differences will vary with the exchange rates from a point in time to another. This continuous currency calculation will not be captured by OneStop Reporting, as data transfer occurs at a given time.

    For the result statement, the data in Xero and OneStop Reporting will be equal at the time the data import job is run.

    For the balance sheet, the following applies: The account Unrealized Currency Gains (498)* splits foreign exchange gains / losses on assets and liabilities, respectively. We only retrieve total currency gains / losses, and therefore, there will be a discrepancy between Xero and OneStop Reporting on total assets and total debt.


    *Assuming you have not changed account name and number in Xero.