December 2018

New feature: The portal is now available in Swedish and Danish.

The OneStop Reporting portal has now been translated into Swedish and Danish.

To change the language of the portal;

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click User settings.
  3. On the My profile tab, click the Language drop-down menu to select a language. The language changes immediately.


New order and payment system for QuickBooks and Xero customers

QuickBooks and Xero customers can now manage their subscriptions to OneStop Reporting from their Settings > My subscriptions and can also pay with credit cards.

For more information about subscriptions and credit card payments, see here.



  • Workflow: We have fixed an issue where some users would get a script error when editing a workflow user when there are no parameters in the workflow.
  • Publisher: We have fixed the appearance of the Publisher job table so it expands horizontally to provide better readability.
  • Live Reporting: When you create a new report in Live Reporting, the page now navigates to where the new report is in the report library. This makes it easier for users to see their new reports.
  • Data Manager: We have implemented a fix so that the system remembers the last connection and company that was used in the Data Manager.
  • Budgeting: We have now made it possible to delete the content of a range of cells with Line Item Details in a budget template. In the past, you had to delete cell-by-cell for cells that contained LIDs.
  • Line Item Details: We have fixed an issue where some users experienced problems when pasting numbers in ranges; the numbers without decimals would disappear. Also, for ranges containing empty cells, the old values were not overwritten. These two issues are now solved.


Integration-specific fixes


Visma Net

We have added project information to the transactions under General Ledger Transactions.



  • We have added Tracking Categories with extension fields as a Data Manager dimension.
  • We have now split the Credit Notes FactSet into Credit Notes and Credit Note Lines. Similarly, we have also split the Overpayments FactSet into Overpayments and Overpayments Lines. These changes are done to prevent some of the amount fields to aggregate values and, thus, show wrong values.




We have added a link between the Employee and Department attributes.

In addition, we have added some new attributes:

  • HourlyRate
  • Hourly Cost
  • PayCode



  • We have updated the index for Journal_SubEntry to increase the speed of some reports.