December 2020

What’s new


Publisher: Administrators can view all existing Publisher jobs in a tenant

Administrators can now see all Publisher jobs created in a tenant, including jobs created by other users. In this way, administrators can get an overview of all publisher jobs and can view the log for all jobs. They can also delete jobs created by other users.

NOTE: An administrator cannot edit Publisher jobs created by other users.


Reporting: Improved sorting options when using List view

We have improved the sorting options for reports in List view. Users can now sort based on type, when the report was created as well as when the report was last modified.



Administration: Customizing the integration by adding extension files

In Administration for a tenant, it is now possible to add an extension file. The extension file can be used to customize the integration by adding, for example, dimensions, attributes, factsets, and modules that go beyond the standard integration to the ERP system we normally provide.

Please note that this is an advanced tool that requires you to contact our support team and the customization file is then created by our integration team.



New blog site published for OneStop Reporting (Norwegian only)

For our Norwegian customers, we have created a new blog. Please take a look:



Budgeting – Remember cell position when saving budget: In the past, users have experienced that the system does not remember in which cell they were after saving a budget. The issue has now been fixed.

Reporting- Print vouchers that span multiple pages in one operation: In the past, users had to print vouchers that spanned multiple pages one page at a time. This issue has now been fixed and users can print such vouchers in one operation.

Fixed array formula issue causing reports not to run properly in the portal: Some users have experienced that reports that run perfectly in Report Designer have issues when running in the portal. The issue is caused by array formulas added to the OSR formulas. This bug has now been fixed.

Fixed bug for the Recent filter: We have fixed an issue where reports would be sorted alphabetically even though the user had selected the Recent sorting.



Translation of user interface issue resolved: Previously, if the user had chosen to let the browser automatically translate the user interface, the user would see some incomprehensible texts in the portal. We have now fixed this issue by blocking the translation option. To properly change the language of the user interface, click your user name in the upper right-hand corner, select Profile and then select the desired language from the Language list.

Administration – Improved performance in Customer/Group/Tenant tree: We have improved the performance for the Customer/Group/Tenant tree for customers with large amounts of customers.

Added pop-up window when there is a new version of OneStop Reporting: Users will now get a message when there is a new version available asking them to refresh the page.

Administration – Not moving all Publisher jobs: In the past, when you moved a user’s content to another user, all Publisher jobs in the tenant were moved to the destination user regardless who owned them. Now, we only move jobs that are owned by the user you are moving content from.


Integration-specific fixes



  • Increased decimal count of Price in Time_Hours to counter error on import jobs.


Visma Business

  • Added more fields to BudgetLines.
  • Changed Orders from measure to group in Price fields: To be able to group by price fields, we have changed the Price, Dprice, PriceF, and CCstPr fields in the OrdLn factset from measures to group.


PowerOffice GO

  • Added CurrencyRate and Calculate Amount fields to the InvoiceJournal factsets.
  • Fixed issues with incorrect dates for Time Tracking.