December 2022

What’s New


Distribution: View standard reports

Top-level administrators can now view the standard reports available from OneStop Reporting in the Distribution module. Which reports are available depends on the integrations activated in the OneStop Reporting environment as well as the country of the top level.


The reports shown at the country level in Distribution are the same reports that get distributed by turning on the switch in the Administration module.



NOTE: Reports from the country level cannot be directly distributed in the Distribution module. It is, however, possible to create copies of the reports and thereby distribute the copies.


Distribution: Added details to report cards

We have added details to all reports in Distribution.

To read more about a report;

  1. At any level in Distribution, click on the report card.
  2. Click View details.


New Administration: Added support to manage user details

Administrators can now edit user details in New Administration.



Edit user

  1. Click Administration.
  2. Click New Administration.
  3. Click on top, group, or tenant level.
  4. Click the user name.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Edit user name or change user level.
  7. Click OK.


New Administration: Added search filter

In New Administration, we have also added a search filter to the dialog that appears if it is not possible to delete companies due to budget assignments or workflows.


Administration: Made it possible for tenant administrators to add integrations

Users with administrator rights in a tenant can now add integrations to the tenant.

Add integrations

  1. Click Administration.
  2. (If more than one tenant) Click the tenant.
  3. Go to the Overview tab.
  4. Under Integrations, click Add.
  5. In the Select integration list, select the integration.
  6. Click Save.

The selected integration is now available when setting up a connection in Import data.



Administration: Replaced drag-and-drop functionality in Set Access Filters

In the past, you would drag and drop the modules or dimensions you wanted to filter on in Set Data Access Filters. Now, this is replaced by simply clicking the desired modules or dimensions you wish to filter on.

Learn more about settings data access filters here.



Reporting: Changed names in user interface

We have changed the names of Parameters to Historic Parameters and History to Log.



Bug fixes and feature requests per integration


Bugs or feature request Integration Module Factset/Dimension Attribute/Measures Comment
Bug Visma Business NXT Responsible dimensions Multiple Multiple Fixed an issue where using the responsible dimension could give the wrong amount
Bug Tripletex N/A Project N/A Removed possibility to store and change non-extension values under the project dimension in Data Manager
Bug Project Management N/A N/A N/A Fixed an issue where deleted hours in Project Management did not update correctly
Feature request Multiple Inventory, Inventory ID – unit Multiple Added the endpoint Inventory Units containing information like from unit, to unit, unit rate and multiplication/division. For reporting purposes, the endpoint must manually be added to the data import.
Feature request Multiple Multiple Multiple Created a link between Sales Order Lines and Purchase Order Lines with Sales order and Purchase Order respectively
Feature request Visma Business NXT, Visma Business NEXT Live, Visma Business Products Product transactions Multiple Added R attributes
Feature request Visma Business, Visma Business NXT Live Customers Open Customer Entries Multiple Added fields for AutoCollect
Feature request Visma Business Group Reporting OSR Budget Foundation/MultiCompany N/A Added OSR Budget Foundation to the MCL setup. A new Factset based on a view has been added.
Feature request Multiple Multiple Active Added the attribute Active for all segments dimensions and renamed OSR extension attribute Active to Ext. Active