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  • 24SevenOffice: Delete companies

    24SevenOffice – Delete companies

    It is important NOT to immediately delete a company or a connection as this could potentially have some unwanted results.

    First, you want to get an overview of which companies you want access to, and from which connection. Before you delete any companies, you also need to check your data import jobs to see which companies you import data from for each data import job you have.

    When you have got an overview of your connections, data import jobs, you can start removing import jobs and remove companies from connections.


    Step one: Get an overview of your connections

    In 24SevenOffice, companies follow the user, and that’s why OneStop Reporting regards these as separate companies, when in fact they are one in 24SevenOffice.

    The Companies list in Administration, might look like the picture below. As you can see, Company A is listed twice, as two separate companies.

    The reason for this, it that two different users, John and Anne, have established a connection to the same company.

    You should, therefore, get an overview of which user is associated with the various connections.

    If you go to Get Data > Connection, you can see all your connections.


    If you click on a connection and click Edit > Edit Authorization, you can see which user is associated with the connection.



    If you click Next, you can see which company/companies are selected for the particular connection.

    Do not remove any companies at this point, as the connections might have associated data import jobs.


    Step two – Get an overview of your Data import jobs

    Next, you need to get an overview of the various data import jobs.

    Go to Get Data > Data import jobs.

    You want to check if the data import job for a company is set up to retrieve from the appropriate connection. In the Connection name column, you can see which connection the data import jobs are associated with. In the Companies column, you can which companies you import from.

    After getting an overview of which company data are imported from which connection, then choose to either edit the import jobs or delete them. If you choose to edit them, you deselect the companies you do not want to import and save. Delete the import jobs you do not need.

    In Get Data, click Data import jobs > click the data import job > Edit or Delete.


    Step three – Remove companies from connections

    After removing the companies from the data import jobs, you can go back to the relevant Connection and deselect the companies from there.

    Go to Connections > click the connection you want to delete, and click Edit.

    Deselect the checkboxes for the companies you want to remove.

    WARNING: You should avoid deleting any connections you have set up, even if you remove all companies from a connection. The connector communicates with the API that retrieves vouchers. By deleting the connection, all transactions and vouchers linked to the transactions retrieved through it will be inaccessible.


    Step four – Delete companies

    When you have removed the companies both from the data import jobs and from the connections, you can remove the company from the Companies tab in Administration.

    If you go directly and remove a company from the Companies tab in Administration and the company is in a data import job, then this will trigger the company back in the companies list next time the import job runs.

    NOTE: When you delete a company and have entered budget numbers on this company, the entries will disappear.


    Example scenario

    An accounting firm has a tenant in OneStop Reporting with two users; John and Anna.

    They have both created a connection to 24SevenOffice.

    • John has selected Company A and Company B for the connection.
    • Anne has selected Company A for the connection.

    Because 24SevenOffice companies follow the user, OneStop Reporting will consider these as separate companies.

    Therefore, the result of John and Anne creating each their connection to Company A, this company will be listed twice in the Companies list, both in Live Reporting, and in Budgeting. This is not recommended as users might budget on different companies.



    To remove one of these companies, John and Anne can do the following:

    1. They open Get Data > Connections. Here they have created two connections; Connection 1 and Connection 2.

    1. They open Data Import Jobs.
      As you can see, Connection 1 has only Company A, but Connection 2 has both Company A and Company B.

    They decide to remove Company A from Connection 2.

    1. For all data import jobs for Connection 2, they click Edit, and deselect the checkbox for Company A.

    1. They click Next and, then Save.

    Now they can remove Company A from Connection 2.

    1. They click Connections > Connection 2 > Edit.
    2. Click Next.
    3. Deselect the checkbox for Company A.
    4. Click Finish.

    Now they can delete Company A (John) from Administration.

    1. They click Settings > Administration.
    2. On the Companies tab, they click the Delete button next to Company A (John).

    1. In the Delete company dialog, they select the I understand… checkbox and click Delete.