• How do I define my accounts in the Data Manager module?

    Here, you find documentation on how to set up the Budget Package.

    Please click the link below (the documentation is in Norwegian only):


    1.0 Forberedelse til installasjon av OSR Budsjettpakke

    1.1 Generell innføring i OSR Budsjettpakke

    1.2 Dokumentasjon av formularer og arbeidsflyt


  • Budgeting: Solution for “DimensionNotFound” error

    Budgeting: Solution for “DimensionNotFound” error

    If you get a “DimensionNotFound” error when running budget forms in the portal, this might be because you have not set up your system for budgeting, or there are some updates to some of the dimensions not captured by OneStop Reporting.  The solution is to go through the Budgeting Setup:

    1. Click https://help.onestopreporting.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/icon_getdata_job_processing.png Settings  Budgeting setup.
    2. (If applicable) In the Integration drop-down list, select the integration.
    3. (Not applicable for all integrations.) In the Connection drop-down list, select the database.
    4. In the Companies section, select  the company to set up the budgeting for.
    5. Click Install.


    For more information about Budgeting setup, see Budgeting Setup (on-premise ERP systems)