Frequently Asked Questions about Live Reporting

  • Why are my reports not updated?

    The data is not updated live. If you have made postings lately, please check if the transfer job has been run in order to update all data/transactions.

  • How can I create a backup of the report definition?

    In order to create a backup of the report definition file, you may use the download button in upper right corner within Live Reporting:

    You may select multiple reports to download in one action by selecting multiple reports before clicking the Download button.

  • How can I add Excel grid to my reports?

    You can turn Excel grid on and off using the “Toggle header visibility” option within Settings in the upper right corner when opening a report i Live Reporting:

    The result will look like this:

  • How can I remove a report from a category?

    If you want to remove a report from a category within Live Reporting, please do as follows:

    1. Locate the report either by opening the category, or in the list of all the available reports.
    2. Select the report (only select – not open)
    3. Click the button “Categorize”
    4. Uncheck the checkbox for the category.

    If you want to add the report to another category, simply check the checkbox for the other category within the same view.

  • How can I share a category?

    First you need to create a category “parent”, and then you can create a category which can be shared. Click the Share button on the category:


  • How can I get the OSR Reports (example reports)?

    You can download the OSR Reports (example reports) from the Get Reports function within Live Reporting:

    Select the reports you want to download and press “Install”:

  • How can I undo changes done to a report in Designer?

    If you want to undo your changes after changing a report in Designer, you can undo the draft in OSR Portal: Select the draft report >> Click the “i” symbol:

    Then click the “Undo edit” button:

    Note! The report needs to still be in draft mode in order to be able to use this functionality. If the report has already been published, then the changes cannot be reversed.

  • Why do I receive a message telling that I do not have access to voucher viewer?

    The message:

    This is because you have not been granted access to view vouchers from Administration >> Data Access >> Permissions:

  • How can I restore a deleted report?

    If you have deleted a report from Live Reporting, we currently don’t have a trash to restore it from. However, when you create/edit a report it will be stored locally on the disk you are working on. So in order to be able to restore the report you need to find the user who did create/edit this report. Locally on his/her machine there is a copy of the file. Open another report on his/her computer >> go to File >> Info >>> Related Documents section:

    Locate the file in this OSR folder and use the upload function within Live Reporting to import the file into the Portal again.

  • Why doesn’t chart show on the thumbnail?

    This is because SpreadJS (which is used for the thumbnail function) currently doesn’t support charts.