• How long is session timeout?

    Session timeout is set to 3 minutes. However, a keep alive ping is running every minute.

  • Where can I download latest version of OSR Designer 5?

    Latest version of OSR Designer 5 will always be available from the following link: https://portal.onestopreporting.com/reportdesigner/download

  • Is it possible to view incoming vouchers in Visma.Net?

    No, only outgoing vouchers are supported. This is because incoming vouchers are not available on the api from Visma.

  • Is OSR Portal 5 supported on MAC?

    Yes, we do support all newer browsers on all platforms. However, if you are using OSR Report Designer we require MS Windows with Excel 2010 or higher.

  • What version of MS Excel is supported?

    MS Excel 2010 and newer is supported.