1. Open https://portal.onestopreporting.com/ and log on with your clienthost administration user (provided by OneStop Reporting)
  2. Go to Settings – Administration – click the users tab
  3. Click +New
  4. Enter the user email address:


  1. Your user will receive an email with an Invitation where they have to click the Accept Invitebutton.
  2. By accepting the user has to fill out their name, password and accept the Terms.


If you don’t receive this invitation you can click on the user and see if the client is in pending status. This means the user has got the accept invite email, but if they don’t find it please check spam.


! The accept invitation will be valid in 7 days, if not accepted by then you have to resent a new invitation. This can be done by clicking on the user and Click to resend invitation button.