February 2021


Reporting – Date range picker issue: We have fixed an issue where users have experienced that the date range picker was clipped by the browser window.

Increased years generated by OSR Periods (PowerOffice GO and other relevant): Some integrations with deviating fiscal year use the OSR Periods function to generate period tables. However, OSR Periods is set to only generate periods 10 years back, and some users have data going longer back causing for example balance reports not to be correct. To remedy this, we have increased the period span.

Reporting: Fixed issue with Comment sheet: Some users have experienced issues when adding Comments sheets to reports when named styles are missing in the report. We have now fixed this issue.

Administration: Add extensions: We have made Add extensions available for administrators in a tenant. In the past, it was only administrators at the top (customer) level who could add extensions.


Integration-specific fixes


Visma Business:

  • Fixed collation error in Multi-Company Setup.


Visma Net

  • Fixed link between the DimProjectTask and DimProject dimensions.


AX2012 R2/R3:

  • Budgeting: Added OSR Budget Foundation and several OSR dimensions to the model. Please note that the user has to run Budgeting setup before they can use these dimensions in Budgeting.



  • Data Manager – Issue with OSR Budget Transaction dimension: We have fixed an issue where users would get an error message when editing the OSR Budget Transaction dimension in Data Manager.