OneStop Reporting Light

OneStop Reporting Light is a limited version of OneStop Reporting. OneStop Reporting Light gives you access to run and view reports.

Go to Reporting


To get new report templates;
  1. Click Reporting.
  2. Click Get templates. The Get templates dialog is displayed.
  3. Select the report templates you want to install. Tip: Click the question mark on a report template to get more information.
  4. Click Install.
  5. Click the Installed tab at the top to view the installed report templates.
  6. Click X when you are done. The report templates are now available in the report templates list.
NOTE: There will be more reports available in Get templates, as we keep updating the report library.

1. Open the report template using one of these methods:

  • Select the report template in the list, and click Open.
  • Click on the report template thumbnail.
  • Double-click the report template in the list.

    2. Click to select/edit the period for which you want to get data.

3. Click Run. The report is updated.


Upgrade your account

Here are the features available when upgrading to the full version of OneStop Reporting:

  • Edit and create reports
  • Automatic distribution of reports to multiple users
  • Full access to Budgeting and Consolidation

See pricing and more benefits about the full version here.

Go to Administration


On the Users tab for the tenant, you can manage existing users and add new users.
  1. Click the Users tab. Existing users are displayed in the list. NOTE: In the Search field, you can search for existing users.
  2. Click + Add users button.
  3. In the Enter email address field, either type in or paste in the email addresses separated by spaces, line breaks, commas, or semicolons. You can add up to 50 email addresses at the same time.
NOTE: There is a validation process happening when you have added the email addresses. If an email address has the wrong format, it will appear in the Error field to the left. Hover over the Information icon to see the cause of the error. If the error is due to an invalid email address(es), you need to fix the address before you can move to the next step. For Visma Business users, there is also an additional check to validate that the user exists in Visma Business.

In OneStop Reporting Light, there are two types of users; Administrator and Standard.

Set user role:

  1. Click Administration.
  2. Click tenant.
  3. Click the Users tab.
  4. Use the Roles switches to set roles.



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