Set up companies for group reporting (for on-premise solutions)

To be able to create and run consolidated reports you need a Multi-Company Reporting license. The Multi-Company Setup tool described here is available for Visma Business, Visma Global, and Visma Administration.

Before you start running the Multi-Company Setup, it is important to check that you have enabled all companies, parent and subsidiaries, in the connection in Get Data.

Next, a user with the Can manage connection permission (see Set permissions and data access for a user) sets up OneStop Reporting for multi-company reporting through the Multi-Company Setup. During the setup, you determine the parent company and its subsidiaries per data connection. Please note that we do not support a hierarchy of companies, simply two levels; one parent company and its subsidiaries.

After you have installed the Multi-Company Setup, a new Group Reporting dimensions will appear in Report Designer. When you build reports for group reporting, you must use data items from these dimensions.

NOTE: When you run consolidated reports, you must run the report for the parent company.


Multi-Company Setup

To set up multi-company reporting;

  1. Click Multi-Company Setup.
  2. (If applicable) In the Integration list, select integration.
  3. (If applicable) In the Connection list, select the data connection where you have your companies. NOTE: It is recommended to always have one connection per parent company. For each connection, only one parent company configuration is stored.
  4. Under Parent company, select the parent company. The company you select as parent company will appear in bold font. NOTE: The companies that appear in the list are the companies you selected when you set up your connection in Get data.
  5. In the list of companies that appears, () select the subsidiary companies.
  6. Click Install.


Changes that may require Multi-Company Setup reinstallation

If you have made any of the following changes, you should consider reinstalling the Multi-Company Setup:

  • removed companies in Get Data
  • made changes in the subsidiaries that affect the runtime-model, such as new modules, free dimensions, etc.
  • made changes in the Budget Setup