Administration is a tool for managing tenants, users, and roles in your OneStop Reporting system. You can create new users and grant access to modules, such as, Reporting, Archive, Budgeting, and Report Designer. You can also configure access to the ERP system within these settings.

NOTE: You must have administrator’s authorization to access this module.

In Administration, there are three levels; top level, group level, and tenant level.

  • As an administrator at the  top level, you can set up new tenants and create subgroups and give users authorization as administrators for their tenants. See Administration for top level.
  • As an administrator at the  group level, you can manage users and roles at the group level. See Administration for group level.
  • As an administrator at the  tenant level, you can manage users and roles at the tenant level. See Administration for tenant level.


To access Administration;

  • Click Administration.

The tasks administrators can perform vary based on what access level they have. Below is a list of tasks for the different levels.


Administrator tasks for top level:


Administrator tasks for group level:


Administrator tasks for tenant level: