Change ownership of content

It is possible to move content in OneStop Reporting from a user to another user. This ‘change ownership’ functionality can be useful for transferring content, for example, when a user is removed/deleted from a tenant in the portal. A typical situation where this functionality is applicable is when a user ends their employment and another user should inherit their work in the portal.

NOTE: You can only transfer content at the tenant level. Consequently, if the original user is a group user, you must move content from the user for each tenant in the group.

Examples of content that can be moved:

  • Reports/Budgets:
    • Report and budget templates, report packages, categories, shared reports to user. NOTE: Only published report- and budget templates are moved.
  • Workflows:
    • Workflows, assignments, reviewers, and approvers. NOTE: The removed user’s Activity log is not transferred. In that way, comments made by the removed user will not be taken over by the new user.
  • Publisher jobs:
    • Publisher job definitions.
  • Connections
    • The credentials for the connections are removed and ownership taken over by the receiving user.