Move content to another user

You can move content to another user without removing the user.

NOTE: There are a few things to consider when moving content: You need to make sure the receiving user has the appropriate licenses, roles, permissions and data accesses or the user might not see all the moved content. Also note that all history of reports and jobs will be removed. If you want to keep historic runs of a report, you need to first send it to the archive, before moving the content.

  1. Click Administration.
  2. Click tenant.
  3. Click Users tab.
  4. Click user.
  5. Next to the user’s name, click the Options menu.
  6. Click Move content. NOTE: If the user has no content, you will not see this option.
  7. (For cloud connections) In the Move content dialog box, Clear cloud data connection credentials checkbox.
    • Selected : Removes credentials for existing data connections. If you select this option, the receiving user must reauthenticate (set new password) the data connection. Otherwise, the data import jobs will not be run.
    • Deselected : The current credentials are kept.

NOTE: For both options described above, the receiving user will be able to see all companies that those connections have access to in the connected systems.

8. Under Move content to, select the user you want to transfer content to.

9. Click Next.

10. In the Confirm action dialog box, confirm the action by entering the name of the user the content is moved from.

11. Click the Start moving button.