Receiving user takes over content from another user

The receiving user will get an email from the system, informing that he or she has received content in OneStop Reporting.

NOTE: If the Clear cloud data connection credentials checkbox was selected when moving the content, all credentials for data connections to the cloud ERP system has been cleared. You must reauthenticate them to be able to import data.



  • Categories taken over from another user are added to your own list of categories.
  • Reports/budget templates taken over from another user is marked with “Moved from…” on the report details.



  • Publisher jobs taken over from another user will still run as scheduled by the original user.
  • Publisher jobs (definitions) taken over from another user shows the original user in the Moved from column.
  • The new user can edit the publishing jobs they have taken over, and can reschedule, add/remove users from the jobs, etc.


Import data

  • Connections: Credentials for the connection are removed and ownership changed to the receiving user.



Workflows, assignments, reviewers, approvers are moved. The moved workflows are shown with the name of the previous owner in the Moved from column.



The receiving user might get new assignments if the previous content owner had assignments in a moved workflow, such as reviewer or approver.