Set data access for a role

  1. Click Administration.
  2. Click the Roles tab (at the  Tenant level).
  3. In the list, click a role.
  4. In the menu that opens to the right, click the Data access drop-down menu. In the list, you can see which integrations the role has access to.
  5. In the list of companies, click Add to give the role access.
  6. To give the user or role access to specific modules and dimensions, click  Edit. The Set Access Filters dialog box displays. Here you can define filters for specific modules and dimensions in the selected company.
  7. Click modules and dimensions in the list to the left-hand side of the dialog and click + (Click to add filter).
    NOTE: If you add identical modules or dimensions as filters, these filters are grouped with the logical operator And. Click And to change the logical operator.
  8. Click Where to select whether to include (Where) or exclude (Where not) data that matches this filter.
  9. Click In to select an operator.
  10. Click {no filter} (or any other criteria displayed in the orange box) to specify the criteria for the filter.
  11. Use CTRL+click or SHIFT+click to select values from the list. The filter box at the bottom of the dialog is updated with the selected values. You can also enter values manually.
  12. Use ranges: Deselect this option to show all values in a range.
  13. Include blank: Select this option to also include data where no value exists (NULL).
  14. Click Use value. The filter is added to the list.
  15. Repeat steps 6-13 to add more filters. Example: Use the “Where Module In *” filter to give access to all data, and then add a “Where not dimension In dimension name” to exclude one or more dimensions.
  16. Click OK when you are done.