Create users in a client

On the Users tab for the  client, you can manage existing users and add new users.

  1. Click the Users tab. Existing users are displayed in the list. NOTE: In the Search field, you can search for existing users.
  2. Click + Add users button.
  3. In the Enter email address field, either type in or paste in the email addresses separated by spaces, line breaks, commas, or semicolons. You can add up to 50 email addresses at the same time.

NOTE: There is a validation process happening when you have added the email addresses. If an email address has the wrong format, it will appear in the Error field to the left. Hover over the Information icon to see the cause of the error. If the error is due to an invalid email address(es), you need to fix the address before you can move to the next step.

4. Select User level, Role, Access permissions, System permissions, and Data accesses:

    • User level: Select between Basic user, Reporting user, Budgeting user, or Design user. For more information, see User types.
    • Roles: If the user(s) you want to add should belong to a role, turn on the switch for the role. 
    • Access permissions: Use the switches to select the access permissions your user(s) should have.

NOTE: For an overview of the various permissions, see User administration.  

    • System permissions: Use the switches to select system permissions. NOTE: Inherited permissions from roles: If you have added the user(s) to a role, you will see the inherited permissions and accesses, and the switches are deactivated.
    • Data access: Click the + Add button to give access to companies. Click Edit to limit the access permissions.
    • Other: It is possible to mark a user as an Auditor. The advantage of this is, for example, if users want to add temporary users and be able to easily identify such users.
      NOTE: Marking a user as an Auditor does not give the user any particular permissions or access rights.

5. Click Create. NOTE: If you have insufficient licenses, you will get a warning message. The user(s) will be created, but you must manage licenses individually.


Your new user(s) will receive an e-mail where they must click the Accept Invite button and fill in their name and set a password.

HINT: If a user should no longer have access to the portal, you can remove the user from the client. To do so, on the Users tab, click the name of the user, then click Edit, then Remove user. If the user you are removing has content, you can move the content to another user