Administration for Group level

NOTE: This level is optional to create, and is more suitable for larger organizations that need to organize multiple tenants.

You can use the Group level to organize your tenants. This is practical for accounting firms with multiple accountants responsible for multiple customers.


Button Name Description
Search users Click to search for all users in your OneStop Reporting system. Search for users

NOTE: This button is only visible if you have Administrator rights to the top level.

New group Click to create new subgroup under the current group. Create new group
New tenant Click to create a new tenant. Create a new tenant
Delete group Click to delete a group. This button will not be visible if you do not have any groups or if your group has tenants below. Then, it will not be possible to delete the group.


For the Group level , you see two tabs:

  • Overview: Shows the group name. Click C:\Users\ashild\Desktop\iconex_o2\o_collection\o_collection_png\yellow_dark_grey\16x16\pencil.png to edit the group name.
  • Group users: Shows users that have access to the group level. You can add or remove group users. These users will have access to all tenants in the group and will automatically get access to manage other subgroups and tenants within the hierarchy. See: Add group users