Add group users

A group user is a user who can access all tenants in a group.

  1. Click the Group users tab.
  2. In the Add group user field, enter the email address and click Add. An invitation e-mail is sent to the new user’s e-mail. The new users will automatically get Tenant Administrator rights.

If you want to grant a user Group Administrator rights, turn on the Group Administrator switch. A Group Administrator can manage group users, and create new tenants and subgroups. In addition, they can manage licenses at the group level.

If you want to grant a user all permissions for all tenant in the group, turn on the  All tenant permissions switch. This permission gives the user administrator rights for all tenants in the group. In this way, they can manage licenses, users, and roles at the tenant level.

NOTE: When you move or add a tenant to a group, the group user will automatically get all tenant permissions in the tenant.