Top level administration: User interface

The top level is where the system administrator sets up tenants, groups (optional level), and other system administrators.

Here, they can also get an overview of all of their licenses, for all tenants and groups. In addition, they can search for users using the  Search users button.

Options for the top level:

Button Name Description
Search users Click to search for all users in your OneStop Reporting system. Search for users
New group Click to create new group. Create new group
New tenant Click to create a new tenant. Create a new tenant


For the top level , you see the tabs listed in the table below:



Tab Description
Overview Security: Require Multi-Factor Authentication for all users. Enable this to require all users to set up and use Multi-Factor Authentication when signing in to the portal.
Administrators  Shows users that have access to the top level. These users will automatically get access to manage other subgroups and tenants within their hierarchy. Add administrators for top level
Licensing Shows an overview of all licenses. NOTE: Licenses are allocated at the tenant or group level. See Manage licenses for users at the group level and Manage licenses for users at the tenant level
Reports Create reports with information about companies, tenants, and users.