Create a new tenant

  1. At the top level (your company) , or at the group level, click New tenant.

HINT: A tenant is a separate portal environment. You can think of it as a separate portal, where only added users have access.

2. In the New tenant dialog box, fill in these fields:

    • Name
    • Description (optional)
    • Level (Smart or Complete)
    • Integration (accounting system)

3. Click Create. The tenant is added. You can add as many tenants as you need.

4. Click Close when you are done creating the tenants you need.

To go to the new tenant, click your user name button in the upper right corner, mouse over Tenants, and click the tenant. If you have more than one customer (top level), you must select the appropriate Customer from the list to see the underlying tenants.


IMPORTANT: When you create a connection to your accounting system, make sure you are in the appropriate tenant.


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