Manage permissions for a role

When you have created a role at the tenant level, you can manage data access for all members of that particular role.

  1. On the Roles tab, click the role you want edit.
  2. In the Permissions section, manage permissions and data access for the role. The table shows the options for permissions.
Permission Description
Can drill down Allows users to drill down to see the underlying detail of the value presented in a report.
Can import company data Allows users to access the Get Data module where they can manage connections to their ERP system and import data.
Can manage categories Allows users to create categories in the Live Reporting and Budgeting modules.
Can manage connections* Allows users to manage connections in Get Data.
Can view vouchers Allows users to drill down to see vouchers.
Full data access Allows users full access to all companies under the tenant. If deselected, you can manage the access to the various companies under the Data access section.


* IMPORTANT: For users with on-premise ERP systems, such as Visma Business and Visma Global: If you give users the Can manage connections permission, the user will have access to all companies on your system database.