Budgeting Setup

To prepare your ERP database for the direct write-back budgeting functionality, you must run through the Budgeting Setup procedure. This procedure will install the OSR Extension tables into your ERP system’s database. These tables are designed to extend the ERP system’s following Dimensions: Account, Employee and Budget version. In addition, a table to enable budgeting Line Item Detail entries will be installed. 

Many of the ERP systems lack sufficient properties in the Account and Employee master data (dimensions) to construct a full budgeting model that includes expense and payroll budgeting. The additional tables installed will provide storage capabilities for these situations.

NOTE: The Budgeting Setup will only be available if your client has client level Complete.

NOTE: This procedure does not change any of the original ERP systems’ tables or data. It only adds additional tables into the database.


Prepare your ERP system database with additional tables for budgeting

  1. Click Budgeting Setup.
  2. (If applicable) In the Integration drop-down list, select the integration.
  3. (Not applicable for all integrations.) In the Connection drop-down list, select the database.
  4. In the Companies section, ✅ select the company to set up the budgeting for.
  5. Click Install.

NOTE: To be able to set up budgeting, the user who initially installed the Cloud Agent must have administration rights for inserting tables into the ERP database.