The Budgeting module allows you to design the budget model exactly as you want it, and enter budget data live online.
The data can be saved back to your ERP system. To make data entry smooth and efficient, the Budgeting module features spreading (distribution rules), unit-/percent-based calculations, historic data and line item details.

You can also assign the budgeting to one or more users using the Assign function.

Options in the Budgeting screen

Button Name Description
Layout Click one of these buttons to change the layout of the budget template view.
Open Click here to open and view the selected budget template.
Edit Click here to edit the selected budget template.
Delete Click here to delete the selected budget template(s).
Duplicate Click here to create a copy of the selected budget template. See Duplicate budget template.
Publish Click here to publish the budget template. This options is only available if the budget template is a draft (). See Publish budget template.
Assign Click here to assign the budget template to one or more users. See Assign budget template.
  Assignments Click here to view assignments for the selected budget template.
Download Click here to download the budget template (for example as a backup or to edit it offline).
Upload Click here to upload a budget template to the portal.
New Click here to create a new budget template. See Create budget template.