Assign budget template

You can assign users to fill in the budget template. You can predefine the parameter values when assigning a budget template to each user (such as company or department) or let the user decide.

Note: The Workflow module provides a more advanced way of handling assignments, including review/approver steps and status overview.

To assign a budget template to one or more users:

  1. Click Budgeting.
  2. Select the budget template you want to assign. Only published budget templates can be assigned.
  3. Click  Assign. The Assign budget dialog is displayed.
  4. Select the relevant parameters, or select Let the user decide to let the users select the relevant parameter values. NOTE: If you use the Let the user decide option, the user will only get the parameter values they are authorized to see. Refer to Set permissions and data access for a user.
  5. Select the users to whom you want to assign the budget template:
    • Add users from roles: Click this option to select all users from a role.
    • Add user: Click this option to select individual users. Start typing a name to search or click the arrow button to show a list of users.
    • Click  Remove in the Selected users list to remove individual users.
  6. Click Assign when you are done. The budget template is assigned to the selected users, and they will receive an assignment. See Assignment.

To view all assignments for a budget template, select the budget template and click  Assignments. You can also delete assignments for individual users, but you should first verify that the users have not started working on the budget template.