Budget flows

The Budget flows tool allows you to connect your budget templates to create relations and dependencies between them.

You find the Budget flows on the Budget flows tab in the Budgeting module.

Create new Budget flow

  1. Click Budgeting.
  2. Click the Budget flows tab.
  3. Click + New.
  4. Enter a name for the Budget flow.
  5. Select connection.
  6. In the Search or select templates field, enter a search term or use the drop-down list to find the budget templates.
    Alternatively, click the Browse templates button to find your budget template.
  7. In the Parameters section, select the parameters that will be used in the flow, such as period and budget scenarios.
    You will now see a flowchart section at the bottom of your screen. Use this to draw up the relations between your budget templates.
  1. Click the circle and drag to the budget template you want to connect.

NOTE: If you want to remove a budget from the budget flow, click the x icon in the upper right corner in the flowchart section.

NOTE: To undo a connection, click the arrow and then press the Delete key.

  1. Click Save.

You find the budget flows you have created on the Budget flows tab.

NOTE: You can edit the budget flow by selecting the budget flow and clicking the   Edit button.

NOTE: You can see the log of last run of the selected budget flow via the  View log button.