Edit budget data

NOTE: Above the spreadsheet, you can see the time the spreadsheet was updated. Click Run to update the spreadsheet with current data.

When you have opened a budget template, you can edit the data like in an Excel workbook.

There are, however, a few limitations:

  • Summary cells (bold text) cannot be edited.
  • Gray cells contain Line Item Details or values from the database, and cannot be edited.

Click  Save data to save your work. The data is saved to OSR Budget table.

To access additional editing options, click the arrow next to Spreading and Line item details at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Click  in the upper right corner to access the Spreading and Adjusting functionality.

  • Spreading: Instead of manually entering data, you can use the Spread function to enter calculated values based on the total amount you want to be distributed across the cells in a row.
  • Adjusting:  You can use Adjust to increase or decrease an amount by a number of units or a percentage.
  • Line item details: You can use this function to specify additional details on the same dimension value (row). You can, for instance, specify a detailed list of expenses on the same account.