Dashboards include a set of predefined dashboards that provide an overview of the company’s financial situation. Dashboards are available for most companies and follow the Chart of accounts defined in OneStop Reporting. Chart of accounts is not available for customers in all countries, and hence those will not have dashboards available.

Note: The language in dashboards follows the country set up for the company you are in. This can be found under the company tab in Administration.

Access to dashboards is granted as a right in a role. Users who have access to the role will also have access to dashboards.

There are three categories* of dashboards:

  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance
  • Customers & Suppliers

Make adjustments to the dashboards

  • Change period for all dashboards: In the top right corner, click Period and select period from the list.
  • Change company for the dashboards: In the top right corner, click Companies and select company from the list.
  • See actual values: Hover over the graphs.
  • Drill down: Click the graph and click the transaction data, such as General Ledger.
  • Hide/Show data series in the chart: In the Legend, click the period and select Hide series or Show series from the list.
  • Change the dimension on your x-axis: Click on the axis title below the chart and select dimension from the list, such as Department.
  • Move the legend: Click in the upper right corner of the legend and drag to the desired position.
  • Hide/Show legend: Click Options (three dots) and select Hide/Show legend.
  • See chart as table: Click ⁝ Options (three dots) and select View as table.
  • Download chart as SVG or CSV: Click ⁝ Options (three dots) and select Download SVG or Download as CSV.