Data Manager

WARNING: Be careful when you edit the data, because any changes are written back to the database and cannot be undone.

Data Manager is an easy-to-use tool for editing budget data.

  1. Click  Select company and choose from the list.
  2. Click Factset or Dimension to expand the lists.
  3. Select a factset () or dimension () to view the available fields.
  4. Click  Refresh to populate the spreadsheet with data.
  5. In the field list on the left-hand side, you have the following options:
    • Deselect () a field to hide it in the spreadsheet.
    • To change the order of the fields, click  next to a field and drag it to another position.
    • Click and drag a field name to the spreadsheet header to filter the spreadsheet. You can add multiple filters.
  6. Edit the spreadsheet.
    • Some columns are linked to lists, where you can select a value.
    • Some database fields (such as “changed date”) cannot be edited.
    • Click  Add row and  Delete rows to add or remove rows from the spreadsheet.
  7. Use the Pinned value field to pin/freeze one or more columns in the spreadsheet. Pinned columns will always be visible when you scroll horizontally.
  8. Click  Save when you are done.