Data Manager

Data Manager allows you to:

  • Edit budget data.
  • Add information to the existing ERP system dimensions, such as Account, Employee, etc.
  • Create new dimension values to the OSR dimension, such OSR Scenario, OSR Transaction Type, etc.


  1. Click  Select company and choose from the list.
  2. Click Factset or Dimension to expand the lists.
  3. Select a factset () or dimension () to view the available fields.
  4. Click  Refresh to populate the spreadsheet with data.
  5. In the field list on the left-hand side, you have the following options:
    • Deselect () a field to hide it in the spreadsheet.
    • To change the order of the fields, click  next to a field and drag it to another position.
    • Click + next to a field name to add it to the spreadsheet header to filter the spreadsheet. You can add multiple filters.
  6. Edit the spreadsheet.
    • Some columns are linked to lists, where you can select a value.
    • Some database fields (such as “changed date”) cannot be edited.
    • (only for Factsets and OSR dimensions) Click Add row and  Delete rows to add or remove rows from the spreadsheet.
  7. Use the Pinned value field to pin/freeze one or more columns in the spreadsheet. Pinned columns will always be visible when you scroll horizontally.
  8. Click  Save when you are done.

NOTE: Be careful when you edit or delete Factsets data, because the changes cannot be undone.