Create a connection

Before you can import data you must first set up a connection to your ERP system.

To create a new connection:

  1. Click Get data.
  2. Click Connections. Existing connections are displayed in the list.
  3. Click  New. The Select ERP system dialog is displayed with the available ERP systems.
  4. Select an ERP system.
    Important: In the information box at the bottom of the screen you will find links to relevant documentation for the selected ERP system. Open and read this documentation before you continue.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Fill in the fields. The information you need to provide will vary according to the ERP system you are using. For more information on specific ERP systems, see the following links:
    NOTE: If you want other users to be able to edit the connection, turn on the Allow other users to edit this connection switch. You should be careful about turning on this switch, as this enables all users with the Can manage connections permission to edit the connection and are able to see all companies in this connection. Even if the switch is off, administrators at the top level can still manage the connection.
  7. Click Next.


NOTE for 24SevenOffice customers:  If multiple people establish a connection to the same company, then this will be regarded as separate companies in OneStop Reporting.

This will have some unfortunate results, such as:

  • Because OneStop Reporting regards these as separate companies, you will use one license per company.
  • In Live Reporting, when users run reports, they will see more than one company with the same name in the Companies list.
  • In Budgeting, the budget data users enter could be entered on different companies in OneStop Reporting, when in reality, they are the same company in 24SevenOffice. This will lead to incorrect budget numbers.

It is, therefore, best practice that only a dedicated person creates a connection to a company.


Delete a connection

To delete an existing connection;

  1. Click Get data.
  2. Click Connections. Existing connections are displayed in the list.
  3. Click the connection you want to delete.
  4. Click Remove.
  5. Click Delete to confirm the deletion.

WARNING: When you remove a connection, you delete all companies for the connection, and hence, you will delete all of these items for that connector:

  • Workflows
  • Publisher jobs
  • Data access filters
  • History items.


Edit an existing connection

To edit an existing connection, select a connection in the list and click  Edit.

TIP: See also Add a new company.

NEXT: See Create a data import job to import the data from your ERP system.