View and change ownership of reports

Reports created or uploaded by a user are owned by this user. Only the owner of a report can change the name and delete reports. Therefore, it can be useful to be change the ownership of reports. If, for example, someone decides to leave the company, the owner of the reports should give the ownership to someone else.

  1. In Reporting, click the top part of the report card. In the top right corner, you can now see an  Information icon.
  2. Click the Information icon.

NOTE: If you are not the owner of the report, you can see who owns the report, but you cannot change the ownership. Only the owner of the report can change the ownership.

If you are the owner of the report:

3. In the dialog box, click the Change ownership button.

4. In the dialog box that opens, enter the name of the new owner and click Change.

NOTE: The new owner must be a user in your system.