Distribution settings

General: Use labels to filter reports

NOTE: Only administrators at the top (customer) level are able to edit this setting.

If you turn on the Use labels to filter reports checkbox, you can use labels to distribute specific reports to specific users.

Report labels are selected for each report and role, then users are added to roles.

Which reports the user will have access to depends on the user’s role.


Allow users to receive reports from OneStop Reporting

  1. Go to Administration.
  2. Click the top (customer level).
  3. On the Customer settings tab, click the Edit button.
  4. Select the Allow receiving reports from OneStop Reporting check box.

You now allow users to receive the standard OneStop Reporting reports to their libraries.

NOTE: For existing customers (before March 2023), this switch is turned OFF by default. For new customers, this will be turned ON for all clients. The setting can be applied at the top (customer) level for all clients, or you can adjust the setting for each client.


Distribution mode

Distribute all reports: Users will receive all the standard OneStop Reporting reports to their libraries.

Only distribute selected reports: An administrator can decide which reports will be distributed from the Distribution module.



Security settings

Portal sign-in: Require Multi-Factor Authentication for all users

Enable the Multi-factor authentication checkbox to require all users to set up and use Multi-Factor Authentication when signing in to the portal.

A Multi-Factor Authentication policy is now enabled for this organization. All users must use MFA to sign into the underlying clients and groups.

For more information about Multi-Factor Authentication, click here.


Azure Active Directory

Require Azure Active Directory (AAD) sign-in for all users:

  1. Enter the domain(s) to require Microsoft sign-in for all users. NOTE: The domain(s) you enter here, must be an Azure Active Directory domain(s).
  2. Click Add.

Now all users are required to use their Microsoft account to sign in to OneStop Reporting.

NOTE: If users have access to multiple clients where one requires Microsoft sign-in and another does not, then they are required to sign in again when switching to the client that requires Microsoft sign-in.