Create roles

  1. Go to the New Administration.
  2. Click the top level in the organization tree.
  3. Click Roles.
  4. Click Actions. 
  5. Click New Role.
  6. Give the role a suitable Name.
  7. Add LabelsNOTE: By turning on the Include all… switches  , you can select all labels.
  8. Click Save.


Add users to Roles

NOTE: Administrators at all levels (top, group, or client) can add users to roles.

  1. Go to the New Administration
  2. Go to the level in the organization tree where you want to add users.
  3. Click Roles.
  4. Click on an existing role.
  5. Under Users, click ✏️ Edit.
  6. Select the users to add by searching in the Search bar.
  7. Click the user’s name.
  8. Click Save.

Learn more about roles, labels, and report distribution in User Roles and Report Labels