Publisher: Overview

The Publisher module allows you to distribute reports and report packages to users or a group of users belonging to a role in the system.

Reports can be run and distributed at a predefined time, or you can manually initiate running as required. You can add multiple reports to a publishing job, set parameters and send to e-mail recipients or send to their Archive module in the portal. The Publisher generates a log for all runs, enabling you to keep an overview of your report executions.

You can also edit your existing publishing jobs, for example, you can add or delete reports from the job or add or delete recipients.

The Scheduling feature allows you to set up scheduling for your publishing jobs to send reports at a predefined time interval.



Options in the Publisher screen:

Button Name Description
New Click here to create a new publishing job. See Create a new publishing job.
Run Click here to run the selected job.
View log Click here to view the publishing job log. See View log of a publishing job.
Edit Click here to edit the selected publishing job. See Edit publishing job.
Delete Click here to delete the selected publishing job(s). See Delete an existing publishing job.


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