Create a new publishing job

Options in the Create new dialog box:

Button Name Description
Save Click here to save the publishing job.
Save and Run Click here to save and run the publishing job.
Close Click here to close the Create new publishing job dialog box.


  1. Click Publisher.
  2. Click Create new in the top right corner.
  3. Fill in these fields:
    – Name: Enter a name for your publishing job.
    – Description (optional): Enter a description for your publishing job.
    – Company: Select a company from the list (if you have access to more than one).
  4. Select the reports you want to include in the publishing job from the list. You can select multiple reports. NOTE: You can also use the Browse templates button.
  5. Click SelectNOTE: The Security context is by default set to Recipient. This is to ensure that the receiver of the reports only sees the data he or she is authorized to see. If you change this to Me, the recipient of the reports will see all the data you have access to.
  6. Under Parameters, select the parameters you want for the reports. The options you see here will depend on what parameters you are required to set to run the reports.
    NOTE: If you have more than five reports, there will be multiple pages.
  7. Under Recipients, select recipients from the list of Users or RolesNOTE: You can only send reports to users who have access to the Publisher module.
  8. Click the Destination tab. Here you can choose whether the recipient(s) should receive the reports as email or be sent to their Archive module, or both. To send the reports as PDFs, select () the Send reports as PDF checkbox. NOTE: To get proper PDF formatting, check that the print area is set correctly in the report template. For more information, see Page setup for reports
  9. Click Save or Save and Run.


NOTE: Some users might experience problems with adding old reports to a publishing job. Although these would run fine in Reporting, they cannot be run in a publisher job, because this requires reports to be compatible with newer versions of OneStop Reporting. To remedy this, you must open the report in Report Designer, save it, and re-publish the report in Reporting.

If there are any issues with the definition version, you will see a warning icon in your template list.



Schedule a publishing job

Under Scheduling, you can automatically set up your publishing job to be run at a specific time interval.

  1. Click Publisher.
  2. Under Scheduling, activate () the Scheduling switch.
  3. Select if you want the job to be run on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly interval.
  4. In the Start at fields, select the start date and time.
  5. Under Recur every, set how often you want the job to recur.