Drill-To is an advanced drilldown feature that allows users to drill down across multiple modules. For example, users can begin with a report showing values from the General Ledger, and then drill down to see the underlying values from the Accounts Receivable sub-ledger.

To use the Drill-To feature, you must configure the Drill-To Definition in the report template. Drill-To Definitions must be created on the cell level, by selecting a cell that will be the common dimension between the two different modules. For instance, the shared dimension could be the Account number or the Voucher number. When the Drill-To feature is used, Report Designer will use the specified dimension to retrieve entries from the sub-ledger.

The figure below shows the interfaces involved in configuring the Drill-To feature.



Button Function
1 Drill-To tab This tab is only available when you have selected a cell.
2 Use default drilldown Select this checkbox to apply the default drilldown option. Deselect this checkbox to create a customized drill-to definition.
3 Drill-To item A list of Drill-To definitions applied to the specific cell is generated. You can edit or delete the definition by clicking on the appropriate buttons.
4 Create This button will create a new Drill-To definition and open the Drill-To Builder.


You can configure the Drill-To Definition through the Drill-To Builder. The configuration is required so that Report Designer is able to filter through to the proper sub-ledger using parameters or drill source dimensions.


Figure: Drill-To Builder dialog box



Interface Name Function
1 Name Create a descriptive name so you can easily identify the Drill-To Definition.
2 Search Search for data items in your ERP system.
3 Module list In this section, the selection of Modules is displayed. From the list of Modules, drag dimensions into the Drill-To details and filters section to configure the Drill-To Definition.
4 Drill-To details Data items can be dragged into this section to create column headers in the resulting Drill-To worksheet. The column headers can be reordered by dragging the header title. Moreover, the data item can be removed by clicking on the header title once.
5  Drill-To filters Data items can be dragged into the filters section so that the Drill-To Definition can be configured to filter to the correct detailed transactions.


When using the Lookup button in the Drill-To filters, you have these options:


Figure: Drill-To Lookup dialog box


Tab Description
List On this tab, you can select a filter based on a constant value.
Parameter On this tab, you can select a filter based on a parameter from the report definition.
Drill-To On this tab, you can select a filter based on the attribute context of the Drill-To originating cell. The available fields on this tab are based on the dimensions and attributes that are used in the particular row or column in the report definition.