To create more flexible reporting, you can create expanding groups inside other expanding groups to create nested expanding groups.

An expanding group inside another expanding group can be thought of as a hierarchy. Imagine there are two data sets, one alphabetical and the other numerical (A, B, C… & 1, 2, 3…), and one is an attribute of the other.

Create a nested expanding group

  1. Drag the relevant data items into the report definition.
  2. In the OneStop Reporting dialog box, click Create a new selection group on the Row.
    NOTE: The two data items must be placed in consecutive rows.



By default, Report Designer creates two separate expanding groups. However, you want to create a nested expanding group.

3. In the Layout Editor window, drag the expanding group box so that it extends over multiple rows.



The reports for separate expanding groups (left) and a nested expanding group (right) are shown in the figure below.