Page setup for reports

  1. (If not already open in Report Designer.) In Reporting, click Edit to open the report in Report Designer.
  2. Mark the area of the report that you want to include, for example, for PDF outputs. NOTE: Make sure you do not include areas with hidden rows or columns because these will appear as large white areas in the report.
  3. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Print Area.
  4. Click Set Print Area.
  5. In the Scale to Fit group, select 1 page from the Width list.
  6. In the Scale to Fit group, select 1 page from the Height list. NOTE: If you have a very long report, for example, reports with large amounts of transaction listings, you should consider setting this option to Automatic.
  7. In the Page Setup group, click Orientation and then click Landscape. NOTE: Even though this option is usually best for most reports, you should also consider using the Portrait option.
  8. Upload (Ctrl+S) the report to OneStop Reporting.



NOTE: It is a good idea to check your report in the portal;

  1. In Reporting, run the report.
  2. Click the lower part of the Export to Excel button and click Download as PDF.