Report Designer uses the access management configuration created in the Settings module in the OneStop Reporting portal to create a secure environment for the organization. Therefore, you will be prompted for authentication each time you open the Report Designer from Excel unless you have activated the Login automatically option.

 The best practice is to open the Report Designer from the OneStop Reporting portal; go to the Live Reporting module, click the report you want to change, and click the Edit button



When you are logged in, you have access to the ERP modules and dimensions in the connected ERP system.

As mentioned above, you can activate the Log in automatically option to automatically sign in to the Report Designer. You can activate this option in one of two ways;


  • Select the Log in automatically checkbox in the Login dialog box.



  • On the OneStop Reporting tab, click the Options button. In the Report Designer Options dialog box, on the Application tab, select the Sign in automatically checkbox.