Report Designer tabs

The Report Designer contains two tabs:

  • The Design tab generates the ERP modules and dimensions based on the integration that you are connected to.
  • The Run tab allows you to select parameters and execute reports.

Figure: Report Design tabs


Depending on which tab is active, certain functions within Report Designer will be deactivated.


The Design tab contains the areas shown in the figure:



Design tab

Option Function
1 Data items A list of data items from the ERP system. Drag data items into the Excel sheet to create a report template. When you mouse over a data item name, you can see the system name of the data item. For more information, see Data Items.
2 ERP modules A list of ERP modules integrated from the ERP system. The modules contain the dimensions and measures that can be used to create a report. In addition, period functions and report parameters are included below the list of modules. When you hold the cursor over a module name, you can see the system name of the module.
3 OneStop Reporting functionality A list that includes functionality, such as period functions, expressions, KPIs, and drill-to definitions.


Run tab

Option Function
3 Parameters Parameters defined in the report design will be listed. You can specify a parameter by using the Lookup button.
4 Run button To execute the report, click the Run button. You can run the report in Report Designer or it can be published to a regular Excel worksheet by clicking the drop-down arrow.