Designer tab

Figure: Report Designer Options dialog box: Designer tab


 Option  Function
 Always open Designer in Run mode  If the checkbox is selected and a saved report is opened, OSR Report Designer will always open with the Run tab active.
Insert field title above cell on drop If the checkbox is selected, when a data field is dragged into an Excel sheet, OSR Report Designer will automatically create a title one cell above the data field. The title can be modified or deleted in the cell.
Create Group Dialog  The vertical slider has three settings (Always, Conditionally, and On CTRL). Depending on its position, OSR Report Designer will always, conditionally, or never prompt the user to create a new group when a data field is dragged into the report definition. If the slider is set to On CTRLOSR Report Designer will never prompt the user and the user must manually create a group by holding the CTRL key while dragging the field.

Application Allows you to select a language for the OSR application using a drop-down list.
Integration Dictionary Allows you to select a language for the integration package using a drop-down list.