The Notifications functionality allows you to know when certain events occur in the OSR Portal. For example, when someone shares a report with you, you will see a red circle on the Notifications button.

  • Click Notifications to open the dialog box with information about your notifications.
  • Click a notification to see the full message.


Notification settings

In Notification settings, you can select how you would like to get your notifications; by email, in a banner in the Portal or on your mobile and devices. To access the settings;

  • Click Notifications, then click  Notification settings.

These settings have two levels;

  • The options under Notifications control all notifications, across all modules in the Portal.
  • The options under Archive, Assignments, Import Data, and Publisher control the notification settings for the specific modules.


Enable email notification

Email notifications are by default turned off. If you want to receive emails with your notifications, you must enable the Email notification functionality;

  1. Click Notification.
  2. Click the  Notifications settings menu option.
  3. Under Notifications, turn on the Send me email switch.


Disable the notification banner

The notification banner functionality is by default switched on. To disable;

  1. Click Notification.
  2. Click the Notifications settings menu option.
  3. Under Notifications, turn off the  Show notification banner switch.