January 2022

What’s New



Archive: Archive items independent of their report template

Now you can send reports to your own or another user’s archive without the previously archived reports disappearing or changing when deleting or adjusting the report templates. The Archive now behaves more like your email inbox. Previously, archived reports changed if a user deleted or adjusted the original template. Now, the reports are static and will retain their original values when they are archived.



Budgeting settings

Using the Budgeting Settings, users can now decide if they want to show their last run budget in Budgeting. NOTE: The setting is turned on by default.

To access the Budgeting Settings;

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Budgeting.
  3. Use the Show the last run budget automatically switch to decide whether you want to show your last run budget in Budgeting or not the next time you enter the report player. NOTE: The setting is valid for all of your tenants and customers (if you have access to multiple).



Publisher: Possible to select date +/- days relative to running date of publishing job

When setting up a publishing job, users now have three different options* for setting the date parameter:

  • Specific date
  • Date of running job
  • Relative to running job


When selecting the Relative to running job option, the user can select -/+ days relative to the date of running the publishing job.



*NOTE: These options are only available for date parameters that are set up with the Date Selector option in the Report Parameters Wizard in Report Designer.



Report Designer: Added the period functions “This Period 2 Years Ago” and “This Period 3 Years Ago”

We have added two new period functions to all integrations; This Period 2 Years Ago (TP2YAgo) and This Period 3 Years Ago (TP3YAgo).




Administration: “Remove tenant” only available when the “Overview” tab is selected

To remove the risk of deleting a tenant when, for example a user is attempting to remove a user, we have removed the Remove tenant option from the other tabs in Administration. Now it is only visible if the user is on the Overview tab.


Integration-specific fixes


Visma Business

  • Added two more extension fields in “Company in group” (“Selskap i konsern”): Value 1 and Value 2 with data type decimal. This change makes it easy to add values or rates at the company level.
  • Added attributes RemRnNo, WfId and WbPg to Historic Customer Transactions and WfId and WbPg to Historic Supplier Transactions.
  • Added support for viewing vouchers for Historical Customer/Supplier factsets.


Visma Global

Added new dimensions – Terms of pay: We have added new dimensions based on the tables Termsofpaycustomer and Termsofpaysupplier including relevant fields in this table (e.g. customer/supplier and number of days). The new dimensions are linked to the Customer/Supplier dimensions.




Dashboard – Fix for “Arbeidskapital”: We have fixed an issue where the numbers for Arbeidskapital (NO and SE) were in positives. The numbers are now in negatives.