July 2018


New integration for Visma eAccounting

OneStop Reporting is now available for Visma eAccounting users.

The new integration is available in English, Swedish and Norwegian.


Copy a workflow definition

We have added a Duplicate button so you can copy an existing workflow definition to create a new workflow. You can edit the copy in the same manner as a any workflow.

See Create workflow for more details.





Changed header for new budget

We have changed the field name when you create a new budget from the Budgeting module. The field is now called Budget Form Name.



We have also changed the default header for assignments. It used to be called Budget Assignments, but there might be assignments that are not budgets, so it is now called Single Assignments.


Added Company as a filtering option in Archive

We have added a column for Company in the Archive module. We have also added a filtering option for companies in the Search and Filter bar.


Get Data jobs not allowed to be scheduled with AllTime or Custom period

Due to overload on the data import server, we have analyzed the jobs and found that we need to remove the possibility for automatic execution of jobs which extract data for a very wide time span.

Therefore, it will no longer be possible to schedule data import jobs with “all time” or “custom date” period span. All existing scheduled jobs with “all time” have been changed to: “Last year until now.”

All existing scheduled jobs with custom date period have had their scheduling removed. They still exist and can be run manually (on-demand).

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.


Changed Client term to Tenant

“Client” is now called “Tenant”.


Integration specific improvements


We have added new fields for:

  • Time Service:
    • *Price*
  • CRM Project
    • *Budget*
    • *BudgetHour*
    • *BudgetHour_Cost*
    • *FixedPrice*
  • CRM Contact
    • *HourCost*
  • Invoice Order
    • *Comissions*


We have also changed the period link in Invoice_Order to use Invoice Date (if not null).



We have added Cash basis in order to be able to create cash-flow reports based on this method.


Visma Net

The integration is now available in English (default), Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.


PowerOffice GO

We have made some necessary changes to the Account dimension. Therefore, if users are making changes to the Account filter in an old PowerOffice GO report, the report will fail when it is run.

To remedy this, all account filters in old reports must be changed if users want to edit reports.

Please note that all POGO reports have been updated in OneStop Reporting Marketplace with this new dimension.