July 2019


Upgrading Report Designer requires Office 2013 (Windows 10): To improve some of the functionality in Report Designer, the new version of the application requires Office 2013 (Windows 10). Users running older Windows version should not upgrade their Report Designer.

Year to Date function: Some customers have experienced that reports with the Year to Date function in a row or column would not show any numbers. The issue has been fixed and all reports containing this function should now behave as normal.

Budgeting – Copying and pasting values with decimals: Some customers have experienced that when they try to copy and paste numbers with decimals, the numbers are rounded up or down to the nearest whole number. We have now fixed this issue and decimals are kept when users are copying and pasting numbers in their budgets. In addition, users can copy numbers with decimals from Excel to budgets in the portal.

Budgeting – Using comma separator when Norwegian is selected in the portal: In some cases, users who have the OneStop Reporting portal language set to Norwegian have experienced issues when storing budget numbers with decimals. The application would remove the decimal numbers. This issue is fixed and decimals are now saved to the budget.


Integration-specific fixes


In Report Designer, we have added the XGL code dimension to the General Ledger More fields folder.


PowerOffice GO

In Report Designer, we have added these dimensions to Projects:

  • BudgetedExpenseHours
  • BudgetedHourlyRate
  • BudgetedHours
  • BudgetedOtherExpenses
  • BudgetedRevenueBillableExpenses
  • BudgetedRevenueHours



  • Report Designer: We have added Overpayments (credit) to Accounts Payable Open Balance.
  • Solved issue with large reports timing-out in Report Designer: We have fixed an issue where some customers running large reports in Report Designer have experienced that the report processing times out (after 15 minutes).



Improved performance for reports based on Sales Orders: Some users have experienced slow performance when running reports with the Sales Order dimension. We have implemented some fixes that should greatly improve the performance for these reports.